Introducing Heidegger

Heidegger has been a massive influence on a number of great philosophers, and is not short of controversy himself with his links to the Nazis.  As such you may wonder what all the fuss is about but have a slight apprehension about engaging with his justifiably intimidating texts.  There is however a way for you to get your head round the basics of his work through these set of articles by Simon Critchley who lays out a clear outline of what Heidegger’s most influential work, Being and Time, looks to achieve:


An Interesting Introduction the the Continental/Analytic Philosophy Divide

Here’s an interesting piece for anyone interested in what the divide is.  Be warned the author shows his preference that writing become more clear, rather than that people think more abstractly:

Gender (a)tending

Here’s an interesting piece by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper about an understanding of gender that challenges other understandings of gender and in so doing seeks to highlight some of the political power that is rooted in how we understand and use this term.  Extremely thought provoking stuff:

Political Philosophy Podcasts

Here are a few podcast episodes that you might find something interesting in if you like either politics or philosophy: