Possibly One of the Best News Stories…

This is my favourite news story in a while, and probably one of the best ever.  Books + Rubbish = Library:



Vio.Me: Business Without Competition.

Here’s an interesting few pieces about a factory in Greece that the workers appropriated when the bosses shut up shop and left without paying them.  It provides a good model for working toward a situation where work is not about ever increasing profits, but about a sustainable living, by uniting those who benefit from a workplace, and those who work there, in the same people:




A Colombian Blend of Comedy, Creativity and Politics

Here’s an interesting article about how a Mayor of Bogota brought some innovative methods to the political sphere to bring about behavioural change and combat deep-rooted pessimism. Some of what he introduced was mimes replacing traffic cops, a city wide women’s night and himself showering on TV:

Academic turns city into a social experiment

Solidarity NYC

This is an group that brings together a variety of organisations which support social justice, democracy, cooperation and ecological sustainability, whilst at the same time resisting individualism, competition and exploitation. There are a variety of types of organisations from worker coops and community supported agriculture to credit unions and social justice networks:



Solidarity Economics

Solidarity economics is a way of looking at economics that looks to go beyond the single mode of economic interaction and bring to the for alternative ways of engaging with each other.  The emphasis is upon supporting livelihoods that liberate those who practise them, and also use the benefits of a breadth of methods to support one another.  The two links below have more information:



Repair Cafes

Repair Cafe’s are a place where you can take a broken item and an expert volunteer will help you to repair that item for free. It’s aimed at bringing people together to learn from each other about maintenance of different objects and in the process save the owner from buying a new one, and at the same time stop the need for producing another one and all the resources that entails.  It’s emphasis is on moving away from an accelerated consumer society. The link below allows you to find one local to you, and the video gives a better understanding than I could:


Recuperated Workplaces

Recuperated workplaces are those that are reclaimed by workers when the capitalist system and/or bosses decide to abandon the business and workers due to their lack of profitability.  The workers move in to reclaim the workplace so as to continue to provide for their own livelihood and welfare. Many focus on democratic alternatives and work self-determination which suggests of a reversal of the capitalist ideology to focus on producing for communities, not profits, and empowering workers rather than exploiting them.  Here’s an article and two videos with more (the first video is the trailer, and the second is the full film):



Remunicipalisation as a Response to Privatisation’s Failures

Even where corporate power is entrenched people can reclaim and improve services.  Remunicipalisation is an acknowledgement of the falsity that private is best or most efficient (except possibly in the support of hoarding wealth), and thus moves to return services to the public sphere.  This aims to make the services accountable to more than a motive to increase profit/power, emphasizing the needs of the community rather than the wealth of a few. This enables a focus on supporting the needs of all members of  the public, the environment and engagement with other similar projects in a reinforcement of solidarity:





Participatory Democracy: How Democracy Might Be Done Differently.

Whilst the mainstream media and established powers might intimate that the functioning of democracy would not be possible when placed in the hands of the people, this article suggests a number of ways that they could be involved, and have already in some places:


Raising Capital for Community Projects

Direct Public Offerings offer the opportunity to raise money that will support community projects without having the domineering requirements of quick profits or loss of control that might come with the usual funding opportunities. Read here for more: