Peer Production License

Here’s an idea that aims to protect public communal knowledge from the profiteering of private private parties, in part to encourage a reciprocal economy. It looks to shift the structural logic of capitalism that rather than driving toward accumulations of capital in less hands, attempts to redirect capital to support and reinforce the commons. The process would generate a way of providing income for those peer producers who commit their efforts to open source knowledge, and so give them the economic support to increase their engagement with a part of the economy that is currently limited by financial restraints. This could be a great model for universities and other state funded research, and makes me wonder how much of those Apple profits would have been communally shared if all the technology they have benefited from were under this model:


Building a New Social Commons

Here’s a fascinating piece by the New Economics Foundation which, whilst it is lengthy, is well worth a read. ┬áIt puts together a broad ranging strategic framework for thinking about how society may be refocused away from an emphasis of the individual towards an emphasis of the value of the social in human life:

Common Transition

Here’s a group that look to collate ideas and policies in a movement toward breaking down the dichotomy of market and state by reintroducing a conception of the commons, as a third term whilst re-imagining both state and market at the same time:

“This process requires the re-conception and re-alignment both of traditional commons and co-operative thinking, and practice, into new institutional forms that prefigure a new political economy of co-operative commonwealth.”