Political Philosophy Podcasts

Here are a few podcast episodes that you might find something interesting in if you like either politics or philosophy:








The Story of Economics

Here’s three 30 minute podcasts that serve as a good introduction to the history of economics as viewed through three different lenses, considering it as a moral science, as a market mechanism and as the story of people’s joint behaviour:


Anyone in London Wanting to Connect or Organise 23/11/16

If you live in London, and have thought that the politics of recent months required some sort of response but aren’t sure how, this could be a first step for you.  Simply go along, it’s free, and meet some people who also want to understand more.  From thi sort of event youoften bump into people in a variety of other groups who can help you become more engaged.  So rather than just posting on the internet, go and get some inspirational face to face contact and maybe you can become part of some kind of unified organised response, who knows where that could lead…:

The Trumping of the Political Class

A Toolkit For Collective Democratic Action: D-Cent

Fed up with hierarchical, management style domination of the political sphere?  Here’s an organisation, D-Cent, that have created and tried a variety of tools for supporting collective participation in the democratic process.  They have a focus on protection of personal information whilst sharing that which is beneficial publicly, as well as centring their work/tools around 4 themes of “Get Notified”, “Propose and Draft”, “Implement and Reward” and “Decide and Vote” and have tested them in Barcelona, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Madrid, have a look, there’s an introductory video on the home page:


Moving Times

Here is a video and a selection of photos from the Peterloo Massacre Memorial today in Manchester, recognising those who were killed and injured in protesting for the reform of parliamentary representation in 1819.  Amongst the many people gathered were a few famous faces including Maxine Peake reading Shelley’s Masque of Anarchy, Christopher Ecclestone, John Thompson and John Henshaw:


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