Be More Than A Commentator

Looking out at the world post #election2016/#brexit it seems there is a feeling of anger instigated by recent politics.  Whether it is an anger expressed through voting against what you “should” have voted, or an anger at those “politicians” who looked to the most divisive of methods, they have both inspired a running commentary across many forms of media for people to vent their frustrations.  What seems clear is that what people, as ever, want from their politics is pretty straight forward: Equal opportunities with others.  Only when we are actually equally treated or better off than the average that we perceive does the game resort to a defensive approach of protectionism, which becomes all the more focused in relation to how much more than the average we have.  And not all wealthy people resort to this.  In fact there has been a wealth of research done that equality in society is a better guarantee of happiness than a proportionally larger share of the wealth than others.

SO it would seem its actually in everyone’s interests to come together and organise as a whole, rather than dividing against each other and supporting some of those with all the resources to maintain their position at the top by encouraging others to fight over the scraps.  All pretty straight forward really, up to this point at least.  Then the only question is how do we do it.  Paul Mason has a good list here:

View story at

Gary Lineker introduced me to another suggestion here, where applying pressure through choices or support can help:


In my local area there’s this (with a little bit of searching you can find something in yours I think too, anyone know of any I’d love you to share them in the comments):


Ideas of positive action are plenty, below is a link to ones I’ve collected over the years, and Naomi Klein’s far better list too:

Another way to meet people is to go to community events organised like these below, where you can meet people who are members of different groups that can connect you (there’s one for London, and Manchester, and a nation wide one here, again let me know anymore…):

And you could even just go straight to one of the progressive political parties if you like:


Most importantly of all though, don’t just be a commentator, get involved.  Many of us have seen those films/videos at school where germs double every hour and slowly the red spread across a map until it covers the whole world.  In human terms if each person brought two new people to a group than that model could work for us too, and with numbers the politicians and media would have to bow to the pressure.


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