Introducing Philosophy

This ( ) is probably the best set of videos I’ve seen on the internet, and perfect listening whilst you do some other menial task.  It’s a set of lectures that are pitched at a level that makes them a great introduction to some people you may have heard of but not know too much about.  They lead from ancient philosophers such as Socrates through, past the enlightenment with Kant and up to Nietzsche, with an in depth look at him.  Following Nietzsche they then move to focus on what are often termed “continental” philosophers who provide an alternative route to the dry analytic philosophers of the Anglo-American tradition

You can click on the lectures on the list on the right of the screen and it will have links to videos in separate sections on you tube, or if you search the name of each lecture you will find it in its entirety on youtube, usually with “[full length]” written after to indicate this. I’ve included the first few here:




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