Thatcher Was Only The End/Beginning.

Here’s a fascinating piece (one of the best I’ve read in years possibly) that traces the destruction of a number of working class movements to inherent tensions in the structure of those movements that started to pull them apart before Thatcher delivered her hammer blow.  It also includes an extremely positive perspective on what could occur in the future.  A little taster for you:

“Rather, every single year since 1984 has seen some new state initiative aimed more or less directly at preventing the re-emergence of any sense of social solidarity and collective potency among the working population. Neoliberal hegemony is dependent on constant work to make sure that popular media stay on-message with a culture of competitive individualism and political apathy, on constant harassment of and intervention in the public sector to prevent it from becoming a site at which ideas and practices of collective self-empowerment can re-emerge, on deliberate social engineering to make sure that working class communities do not re-discover their own capacities – which they threaten to do constantly.”


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