Technological Feedback

Here’s an interesting video showing how Facebook appropriates other people’s intellectual property for itself.  Considering this video in the light of large companies hoarding intellectual property rights for things that Paul Mason’s suggests should be free if we want to make a better world, it reveals an interesting example.  Facebook are taking the work of other creators and co-opting it in a way that makes it look like it is their work to the eyes of advertisers, using the numbers of views it generates to convince everyone of their success and connectedness whilst removing the same opportunity from the creators.  This is an example of what Paul Mason is suggesting.  He suggests that we should make intellectual property freer, and the freer it is the better off as a whole we could be as the benefits of better design and information would be spread to everyone rather than hoarded by a few to make their profit for them.  What the companies worth all the money are doing is taking an essentially free resource to them and turning it into profit.  Consider what the mechanics of this are:  For the price of a piece of one time programming they get to milk the work of creators to provide money for those who have done nothing to create it.  Once the programme is in place that logs the video as a facebook video it is as simple as convincing other people to press Ctrl C and Ctrl V for you:


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