In Times Of Despair…

Yesterday’s date will be one that stands in peoples memories as a date to remember.  Not simply because of the unlucky symbolism of Friday the 13th but because the most recent has caused so much pain for those in Paris.  Whilst I offer my condolences to those affected, and as will be made obvious by this piece my thoughts are with those suffering, let us not forget that history is not made in moments.  9-11, 11/11, Seven Seven.  All numbers that add up to something.  But each of these times does not stand alone detached from the rest of reality as a singular incident.  Whilst it is important to react in some way, and changing a picture on Facebook (whilst frustrating me) can show a sense of solidarity and support, consider how far you could go.  The taking of lives by different groups is not a snap decision and they have planned over time to co-ordinate their efforts.  An appropriate response may come from a similar root, but instead of using violence to push a political point why not co-ordinate your efforts and plan what you do to build a sense of the social rather than destroy it.  Whilst the motivations and causes of what has occurred in Paris will no doubt be debated deeply over the next month ask yourself could you spend your effort or your time on directly assisting someone, or if not could you at least publicise the positive effects of someone else doing this. The media will no doubt analyse the story to help us understand what occurred, how and why.  But at the same time consider the other positive messages that do not get out as they do not fit the mainstream media’s agenda, and also those stories that will produce a counter balance to the negativity and fear that acts of terrorism attempt to generate.  Use your empathy and emotion to build something longer than a click that sends a message beyond the terms of debate that either the media or IS want you to settle for, here’s one from me:


One thought on “In Times Of Despair…

  1. Objective and cogent Gareth. Would that some of the posts on social media have such a measured response.

    Keep on keeping on


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