Democracy for Some

Here’s an interesting article regarding the upcoming boundary changes in our electoral process and the usual attempt to disenfranchise those who are not motivated to vote.  Democracy not for all, but only those who are interested, is a sure fire way to reduce the electorate and strengthen the grip of a government that at the height of its powers last election could still only muster 24% of the voters to support them (a steadily declining turnout over recent decades shows this pattern is not just about the Conservatives).  Surely an electoral system based on the authority of the people should push any government to encourage and attain the support of as  much of the population as possible, rather than support the already steady decline of turnout in elections and encourage the stratification of society?

“New boundaries for parliamentary constituencies will be drawn up next year, based on the electoral register as it stands on December 1st 2015. So the new boundaries will reflect the numbers on the register rather than the actual population in each area…..The Electoral Reform Society has warned that the change could result in people living in poorer areas being underrepresented.”   :


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