Developing Networks

Throughout the tory conference there has been an interesting take on the events by the media as anyone who has been to a protest will understand.  Main stream media often over emphasize the aspects of an event that suit the biases of the owners of whichever establishment they are in.  This may not be a deliberate act on the part of those employed in such environments but we all now the notion of the unsaid boundaries that guide our action in the work place and our relationship with our bosses.  To this extent Paul Mason has talked recently in his new book about the tension that exists between hierarchies, consider newspapers and more traditional media in this sense, and networks, where people have more access to level exposure so twitter for example (although still nowhere near perfectly level).

Over the weekend we can see the different ways of communicating and how isolated the older ways of communication are becoming as younger people mover further and further away from relying on what they are fed by those in the establishment circle and they look toward each other’s experiences as related directly rather than mediated by those who would have you believe it’s all about egg throwing (4 arrests out of 85,000 is pretty good for any event I’d say), shouting scum at people and to quote the Guardian “The marchers represented a mix of specialist interest groups including steel workers from the mothballed SSI plant in Redcar, pro-cannabis activists from Greater Manchester, Jews for Palestine, anarchists, the hacktivist group Anonymous and a number of trade unions, as well as families with buggies and wheelchairs” (no mention of the tens of thousands of teachers, nurses and public sector workers as well as those who feel the brunt of tory bargain basement economics).   Here’s a few more photos of what we have been up to this weekend/Monday/Tuesday just to give you a feel for what else goes on beyond the boundaries of what you are supposed to believe:

Banner 1 Banner 2 Banner 3 Conference Entrance Don't Stitch Us Protest Gig Rally 1 Rally 2 Save our Nhs 2 Save our nhs 3 Save our nhs 4 Save our nhs 5 Save our nhs 6 Save our Nhs 7 Save our Nhs Starting 1 Starting 2 Starting


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