Watch the Dominoes Fall…

Here’s a provocative article about the tension that exists between the NHS and the social care services as the austerity government tries to impose smaller budgets on a growing ageing population.  The to and fro of trying to manage budgets whilst meeting targets turns the notion of care into a number crunching game where people become units at the same time as those who went into the professions for the right reasons feel pushed away from giving what they feel is the best solution toward what is the most economical solution.

Here’s a snippet that may entice you to read the rest, and may shed some light on what the motivation for those in power is of such a situation:

Patients face an impossible cat’s cradle of shrinking services and providers with criss-crossing responsibilities, no unified service, no simple pathway. As more people retire better-off than ever before, with more property and better pensions, it seems only right that they should contribute to their care. Yet this pay-as-you-go system leaves everyone’s fate subject to the lottery of life, where some will lose everything if they spend several years in a costly nursing home, while others who drop dead without needing care can pass everything on to their children.



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