It’s Not Economical To Have One View

Recently I attended an economics conference sold as for anyone.  It didn’t matter if you had a degree in the subject or not and was supposed to promote discussion rather than dogma.  The Post Crash Economics Society who organised it were a real inspiration (see the link below).  They are a group of economics students who grew fed up with being pummeled with the same orthodoxy during their degree’s and craved more of the alternative theories that are out there in the world but not supported in the establishment due to a lack of resources, will power and motivation to change or introduce new courses.  Their ethos and organisation acted as an inspiration and they also introduce me to a few other new angles on economics I thought it would be good to share. First of all, and most impressive, was Paul Mason an eloquent alternative to the mainstream, i’d really recommend going to any events of his and/or reading his books (again there’s a link below).  At the end of his event I managed to ask him what examples he might provide for people who wanted to look at concrete examples of alternatives in the political/economical sphere and one of his suggestions was looking into the Omikron Project (yes, see below) who are a group of Greeks who are using the internet to try and break the negative narrative about their country’s economic situation through perspectives from within Greece.  Finally there was also a group of Manchester based economics enthusiasts whose ideas are based around a steady state theory of economics rather than a growth based model that some might say pillages too much for the returns it gives (look down).



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