Have You Heard That We Can?

Here’s a good article that could act as an introduction to anyone who has not heard of Podemos.  Whether or not you believe they will succeed or be co-opted like so many groups that seem to be taking on the status quo, establishment or whatever you want to call it, there seems to be some hope in that a group such as these can come into existence and rise to the fore in such a short amount of time.  This group continually makes me wonder if things have to get worse before they can get better a) in Britain and b) in relation to climate change.  They also make want to read and delve more into the effects of the dominance of the right on the political spectrum since the rise of Thatcherites and Reganites, not that that wasn’s something I was interested in anyway:


This second article touches on another obsession of mine in looking at our sources of information and how they are used to influence us.  Again whilst reading this I thought a lot of the techniques touched upon in this article can be transposed onto a) politics in Britain today and b) the discussions around climate change.  This was a really good exploration of the practicalities of epistemology:



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