There Are Alternatives to Banks

I often thought I want to take my money out of the bank I use and put it into an account where it can do more good and not serve the whims of profiteers.  I used to think when I lived in Nepal that I would come home and change my account to the Co-op Bank but a few months before I returned they were embroiled in a number of scandals.  So then I was left feeling they were simply on a par with all the other banks and I didn’t know if there was an alternative to turn to. Having seen the news in recent years I’m sure you can all remember the names of RBS, LLoyds, Barclays, HSBC and others all being involved in some kind of financial scandal.  Then I watched this video:

That lead me to have a read of this:

which led me to look at credit union in my area through this:

And so I found these:

Whilst I  haven’t put any money in these yet (this was all about half an hour ago) I feel an overwhelming urge to do so.  The lack of/low interest rates is something that doesn’t deter me heavily and the possible social value of contributing to others who may have their own issues they need assistance with seems a big plus.  So I thought I would put this all on here just in case someone else might find it interesting….

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