Cooperating for Food Sovereignty

Having the ability to grow enough food, locally, to feed yourselves.  It seems like a what should be a basic right.  However the growth of corporations and subsidies means its not always something that is available to all and can cause many people to be at the mercy of the massive profit making companies that pander to their share holders.  Did you know that “women produce 70% of the food on earth but they are marginalized and oppressed by neoliberalism and patriarchy”?  Via Campesina launched the idea of “Food Sovereignty” at the World Food Summit in 1996 as a reaction to these issues and it is based on the conviction that small farmers, including peasant fisher-folk, pastoralists and indigenous people, who make up almost half the world’s people, are capable of producing food for their communities and feeding the world in a sustainable and healthy way. The rise of cooperative movements provides an opportunity to combat such activities, if you want to know more have a read about what they are here:

and look at the wide variety of members they have here:

as well as some of the issues they have been supporting here:


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