Say Yes

This is an interesting take on how to address some of the social problems we are suffering from today.  The Yes Men’s approach to these ideas seems about awareness raising  through disruption and redirection, however the results they hoped for don’t seem to materialise as their audiences (as in much of their first film) seem to be neutered to the idea that anything could come from without the system and so they all go gamely along with their wacky presentations.

The Lafitte Housing Project is just another shameful example of what Naomi Klein would refer to as Friedman’s Shock Doctrine. What’s most uplifting about the film is those people who suffer these problems at the ground level (in Bhopal and Lafitte) appreciating the attempt that is being made to begin to address a problem, or at least draw attention to it, whilst those who stand to make a profit try to rewrite the story of the problem for their own gain.

Finally the New York Times Special Edition is a little thought provoking master stroke, idealistic it may be, but a great way to grab some attention, and even though some may criticise it for being a little too idealistic, that is kind of the point of ideals: A high point to aim for.


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