Money Talks

Here’s an interesting article about the developing trade agreement between the US and the EU which seems to include the interesting, to say the least, concept of formalising ways for corporations to sue governments.  The first question that popped into my head was don’t corporations have enough power now with the lobbying and influence they can exert through the media without them being able to hold the possibility of suing our representatives over them as well? Have a read and I’d love to know your thoughts:

And in mentioning lobbying this is another interesting article by the same writer highlighting some of the issues with independent think tanks, where their interests/biases are not shared (disappointing from the BBC) clearly with those that they are trying to influence, raising the question of why do we put up with this, and what can we do about it? Again I would love to know what other people think:

The first step may be by signing the petition as a way for the writer to try and take this issue further with the backing of other people:


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